Make a Community Investment

It takes a village to create an LGBTQ+ community center!  

Although Stonewall Youth is currently leading this campaign, we want and need involvement from broad base of community members.  We welcome the input and assistance of individuals and organizations interested in developing a regional LGBTQ+ and social justice community center. Help us create a fabulous, useful, multicultural, multigenerational center that will benefit our communities for generations!  


We love our community and the work we do at Stonewall Youth. We don’t love asking for money!  But the cold truth is that purchasing and sustaining an LGBTQ+ community center takes money.  All Capital Campaign donations will be used directly for the purchase, renovation, and upkeep of the building. There are many ways you can contribute financially to this community project:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation at Network for Good.  Every dollar counts!
  • Make make a tax-deductible donation of stock to our brokerage account.
  • If you’re a current or retired Washington State public employee, please consider supporting Stonewall Youth through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive.  (Our code is 0316285).
  • We welcome offers of setting up a bequest or paycheck deduction.
  • Check to see if your workplace is has a "Matching Gift" program to match its employees' charitable contributions.  If there is no current program, consider asking your employer to set up a Matching Gift program!


A supportive investor has started a Limited Liability Company (Liberation, LLC) to make it easy for community members to invest in the building. Our goal is to build equity for Stonewall Youth as well as for other organizations and community members who partner with us.  Contact Bryn Houghton at for more information.


Stonewall Youth is a nonprofit and charitable organization registered with the Washington Secretary of State, and is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service. Our federal tax ID number is 94-3202727. View our annual charitable reports with the Washington Secretary of State.

Be A Star Sponsor

Organizations, businesses, and individuals who make a donation of at least $500 are invited to be a Star Sponsor.  Along getting your name on on our Donor Mural, we will work with you to create a gift, opportunity, or memorial to honor your sponsorship.  Examples:  an organization might be interested in using meeting or event space for free for a certain period of time.  Individuals or businesses might be interested in having a large ceramic tile made for our outdoor mosaic, and/or being acknowledged in all of our written and social media materials forever.  Approach us with your ideas! For more information, contact Bryn Houghton at


We welcome the input and assistance of individuals and organizations that are interested in developing a LGBTQ+ and social justice community center in our region. We could use plenty of help from folks who want to help us with the following:

  • Developing and implementing ways of making the building more accessible, interesting, safe and useful to many facets of our community. Tell us your ideas!
  • Fundraising: you could help us out with our existing fundraiser, or create your own fundraiser.  For example, you could a fundraising dinner party or other event at your house or another venue. You could help us further develop our list of community members who might have the means and interest in donating.  You could help us send thank-notes, or many other things!
  • Building renovation and maintenance.
  • Volunteer for Stonewall Youth
  • All those other skills you have or are interested in learning!

How to get engaged: Send us a quick note at to ask about current opportunities.  You're also invited to our to our monthly community potlucks at 6-8pm on the 4th Saturday of each month. Along with short programs and discussions on themes like  "Intergenerational Community Organizing," we always invite discussion about the development of the community center.  We'll also be hosting related events. Sign up for our newsletter below. We'll keep you posted via our website and Facebook!